holy shit it’s messing me up to think about how tony was wearing civilian clothes under the suit during the cap 3 final battle

like he’s in his civilian clothes. he finds out about broussard, immediately goes to ross, ross won’t tactically back him up, so he goes to the avengers, and sam says “go alone” and he does, with zero preparation, he just sticks himself into the suit and goes

when he crawled out of the suit after the battle, he might have had shitloads of internal injuries and shit and he was still wearing that same black jacket and his jeans like this is supremely messing me up and i know it’s happened before, but this time he was specifically asked to come to steve as a friend, with no badges and no officially sanctioned people standing behind him, and he does

and at the end of the day after steve and bucky leave and the suit is in pieces, that’s who you have, tony stark and how he came help steve in his civilian clothes and that’s actually tony’s answer to steve, who one day asked him who he was behind the suit and steve went away and??? and??? and??? TONY’S IN HIS CIVILIAN CLOTHES UNDER THE SUIT this is fucking me UP


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