lmao it’s like the whole universe is in on the behind the scenes joke of stevetony being everything but actual mcu canon:

  • mcu civil war junior novelisation: “i need you, steve”
  • chris evans on his favourite scenes to shoot being ones with robert: “i love those scenes, they’re always very electric and charged […] those scenes always bring out the most steve rogers” 
  • entertainment weekly: “still, there’s no question that cap and iron man care about each other deeply. people who don’t love each other could never get this angry at each other.”
  • thor in his letter to tony: “dear tony stark, i heard you and captain america were having relationship problems”
  • chris evans: “there is a love and respect there… and that’s what makes this so tragic”
  • jimmy kimmel, at an interview where rdj and chris reveal the cacw poster: “it looks like you two are vey intensely in love there”
  • chris evans: it’s like a marriage… we love each other, but it’s explosive. we’re working toward the same goal but with very different approaches”
  • robert downey jr on facebook: “how civil war ends. #spoileralert [image: the deleted scene from aou where chris evans pretended to make out with him]”
  • robert downey jr on facebook pt. 2: “Forbidden love. [photo of him kissing chris on the cheek for the people magazine photoshoot]”
  • robert downey jr the facebook meme pt. 3: “[tumblr edit of the people magazine photoshoot styled like a 90′s romcom – civil war: you’ve never had a break-up like this] Looks good.”

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